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We help our clients to achieve a distinguished career in their own line of business through a well-Managed serves oriented partnership.

Save Money
Save up to 70% on your employee costs and instantly increase your profitability
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Start instantly and scale up anytime, with zero overhead costs
Access top talents
Instantly gain access to top talents of Cairo and thereby increase your competitive edge

When “work from home” works for you…

Outsourcing will work for you (with 60% cost savings)

The recent success of “work from home” model has made many companies to start looking at outsourcing as a viable option. Even though outsourcing has been in practice for years, many companies haven’t given a serious thought about it, until now. Companies now realise that outsourcing not only gives them cost savings, but also the much-needed flexibility with their work force.

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What outsourcing processes can we handle for you?

We are all about making operations more efficient so that your business can thrive without worrying about the process and pain points.

  • Cold Calling
  • Lead Generation
  • Telemarketing
  • Inbound Call Center
  • Appointment Settings
  • Data Entry and chat support
Cold Calling

AB is one of the world’s best B2B/B2C cold calling services. Simply stated, We can generate more leads for your business than any other providers. Many companies try to go at it alone. Due to the high turnover and intense skills required with cold calling, Many top B2B/B2C companies just aren’t as successful as it should be. We have discovered the path to success and we can help your business grow with figures and numbers according to our business equations.


The secret weapon of any business is telemarketing. Despite the stigma surrounding it, telemarketing is still the most cost effective forms of outbound marketing a company can engage in. We offer telemarketing call centers services that make and take in order to sell goods or services.

Digital Marketing

As a market analysis experts we provide strong exposure with effective results that will generate the required ROI according to your short term and long term business plans on the most well known platforms, search engines and any other advertising channels.


We are people oriented organization, We invest on our team with everything possible such as money, knowledge and assessments to ensure that they are meeting our highest standard criteria to remain one of best worldwide entities, So be sure that whatever team you have well be trained according to your business needs, plans and vision.

Inbound Call Center

AB brings the best of technology combined with the best agents to offer the best customer service call center solution in the world. An inbound call centerdeals with a majority of incoming calls. Offer customer verification services for a telecommunications company. Finally a modern bound service tailored to your needs

Sales Outbound

Our tailor made sales outbound solution is geared towards helping customers both large and small scale their empire. As a company, we are experts in B2B/B2C prospecting. Leave the tough job of sales prospecting to the pros while you focus on running your business.

Appointment Settings

AB is the world's leading appointment setting service. We work hand in hand with companies from all across the globe to help fill up their calendar with incredible appointments. More appointments for you means more revenue in the pipeline.

Data Entry

The way how we handle any type of data entry is with high efficiency when comes to accuracy, speed and maintaining this with a proper time manner before the expected deadline.

Lead Generation

As one of America's top lead generation services, we understand what your business needs. Sit back and watch the leads fall in.

Why outsource
to AB?

Besides the Suez Canal, AB connect the Middle East to the civilized world

Competitive Cost of Operations

Running costs in AB is one of the most competitive in the world, most of the operation costs are substantially lower than Europe.

Big Pool of Talent Supply

Rather than relying on the talents among your employees, outsourcing allows you to draw from a virtually endless pool of potential talent.

Conducive Business Environment

AB has strategic geographical location allows it to be almost in the same time zone to most of Europe, and it is closer to North American countries (US & Canada)

Improving company focus

By outsourcing less important tasks, you increase the company's focus on tasks that are deemed more vital


Send requirements

Describe your outsourcing project

Project details
Team size
Project timeline
Time zone and work hours
Future plans
Company overview


We setup your process

Project transition and team setup

We select the right people
We setup the systems
We implement your protocols
Training & ramp-up
Process takeover
Project management


Ongoing operations

Meet key metrics and deliverables

Goals and objectives
Milestones and deliverables
Quality control
Work practices
Long term plans
Continuous training

Outsourcing powered by robotic automation

How do we stand out from other BPO providers

Most outsourcing providers work based on headcount model, where in they make more money when more people work on your project. However, our outsourcing model is not built based on headcount, but built on providing optimal efficiency on your project with minimum head count.That’s why we use latest technology such as robotic process automation to constantly improve efficiency of your project. Achieving highest efficiency on your project with minimal number of staff is our value proposition to you.Give us a try and you’ll know why we stand out from the rest.

Contact us for a free consultation on how outsourcing can work for you.


How to Start


Operating meticulous analysis of your clientele needs



Creating knowledge base, FAQ, call scripts


Team training

Providing experienced and devoted agents


Go live

Quick start and forward-thinking alongside


We plan your requirements

At the start of our cooperation, we’ll assign an expert who will figure out the aspects of your business. Based on it, we will create an individual plan for our cooperation.

Create a Unique Solution

Our cooperation will start with a training period. During this time we’ll set up several meetings and training sessions to find out more about your needs and expectation

Then Go Live!

After Create a solution, we’ll regularly send you reports on our interactions with your regular and potential customers. You can monitor how our team works at every stage of our cooperation.

Key benefits of cooperation with AB Business services

Organizations choose us because we provide them with these benefits of outsourcing call centers:

Constant real-time support

accountability and reliability

Save time and efforts

Our cost is defined on an individual basis.

No entry fees for the planning phase.

Using the metrics that suit your business individually.


Over 20+ Happy Client All Over The Globe




Sales & transfers


Client satisfaction

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Kate Jose (Business Advisor)

"The secret of our success is that we go to exceptional lengths to hire the best people in the world."

- Steve Jobs, co-founder of Apple

We follow Apple's philosophy and go to exceptional lengths to source the best talent and bring them to work for you. We are well aware that talented and hardworking people are the foundation for any successful company. Our tested and proven recruitment process gets you the best available talent working on your projects.



Join our Successful employees and have a career

We work on the core values we live by as a company. We are inspired of knowing there is a real sense to be wanted by people, help them make working life simpler, invest in their careers and watch their accomplishments in improving our service platform and products.


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